Dez Money started off as a drummer, and as he grew older began to study guitar and piano in order to focus on his singing and songwriting. Upon finishing school, he focused on capturing the soul of the music that he grew up on and wrote what would later become his debut album entitled “Take Me Down”. Set to be released in 2015, the album was produced by Ty Stevens and mixed by multi Grammy Award-winning engineer, Chris Lord-Alge.

“Dez’s soulful vocals capture such emotion that embraces the listener. He brings out a delicate vulnerability as well as delivers soaring vocals that wrap around you like a comforting warmth.”
– Music Junkie Press

Playing alongside Dez are his brother Julian Money on drums, and sister Jesse Money on background vocals. Completing his band, “The Faze”, are Rob Dartnell (guitar), Craig Carcia (bass), and Antonio Vidarte (keyboards). Dez Money and The Faze have been playing select dates around the country and have been met with rave reviews.