ABC7 TV Spot

Dan Ashley's Rock The CASA is getting some great television promotion from ABC7 Bay Area and San Francisco News! Please watch the

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Goals for Kids

The Sharks Foundation recently became a supporter of Dan Ashley's Rock The CASA through their Goals for Kids program. It is just

Goals for Kids2023-02-28T19:18:23-08:00

Rock the CASA featured on ABC7!

ABC7 Bay Area and San Francisco News featured Rock the CASA on their website! CASA volunteers dedicate countless hours to the benefit

Rock the CASA featured on ABC7!2015-02-27T08:23:23-08:00

ABC7 Stars Where You Live!

There are three remarkable people that I want you to know. Three people whom I am very proud to know and who

ABC7 Stars Where You Live!2023-02-28T19:18:24-08:00


Tickets will be available for purchase at the end of January. Sign up for the mailing list to be among the first


Check-out the Facebook page

Please be sure to visit the Rock The CASA Facebook page and show your support by liking and sharing:   

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